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Let us have a look at the way we may use a business example to help develop a point.

Let us have a look at the way we may use a business example to help develop a point.

During the recent A2 business studies revision workshops we focused on the need for students to use independent research evidence to help support the lines of analysis their essay points.

One analogy we used was thinking about examples (evidence) once the seasoning in an essay casserole or hot-pot. The seasoning is there to really make the meal taste great; but you also need the raw ingredients! An essay point that is developed to a depth that is good always score better with all the examiners than answers that are plagued by way too many examples.

In March 2012, tour operator and travel agent Thomas Cook announced that its 16,000 UK staff would no further be able enjoy discounts all the way to 75pc off their holidays. The move was section of a cost-cutting strategy by the tour operator which includes a goal to cut operating costs by Ј35m a in order to improve cash flow and reduce its substantial bank debts year.

So, we now have a typical example of a piece that is recent of news. This is what we call evidence – and it is very easy to get your hands on simply by reading the continuing business news regularly.

You don’t have to research everything you possibly can about Thomas Cook. You should not memorise Thomas Cook’s recent results that are financial have detailed understanding of the cost-reduction plan. You simply need some examples that are good. It really is how they are used by you that matters.

How could we use the evidence about Thomas Cook’s decision to produce savings by restricting the staff discount scheme? Read More…

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